Brief History

Brief History

Chapel of Chimes


Laurel Land Fort Worth was originally opened as a cemetery only, called Park Lawn Cemetery, with only 25 acres in the early 1920s.  The Widner/Roberts family purchased the cemetery in 1942 and created the Widner private family mausoleum.  The family still owns the mausoleum today.

The park was solely controlled by the Roberts side of the family sometime in the late 50’s and was owned by them until 1986 when it was purchased by Stewart Enterprises Inc.

The Chapel of the Chimes, a chapel commemorating the freedom of the press, is also on the grounds of the cemetery and replicates St. Paul's Church in Mount Vernon, New York.

It originally was a crematorium and chapel and was refurbished by Stewart to be only used as a chapel in 1992.

The funeral home was built in 1980 prior to the Stewart purchase.  There are 98 acres currently in use with approximately 25,000 interments.  There are still 49 acres owned which have not been  developed.  Laurel Land is a “Memorial Park” and is covered by Perpetual Care.  The majority of the marble “features” in the park were transported from the same quarry in Italy that Michelangelo utilized for his sculptures. 

Marble Sculptures


Laurel Land continues to offer visitors a serene haven for reflection and remembrance.